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SPICER GRIPP Success Story

September 1st, 2010

Spicer Gripp Success Story:


I don’t know if you remember but I was at the shop with Steve during stephenville. I was going to thank you for converting me to xs ultimate 4s. I won the pro-am at the Spicer Gripp with one and that’s all I’ve had in my rope bag since. I was just going to say thank you for the advice and helping me win my first saddle.

Zane Tisdale

Jim Bob Brent says:

July 1st, 2010

Dear Fast Back,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the Fast Back team.  I’m very excited at the chance to proudly display the Fast Back name and to educate more ropers on the consistency and quality of the company’s ropes.  I’ve been using the Mach III for the past two years, and have been more than impressed by the durability and continued performance.  These past few weeks have been very good for me, with wins at the World Team Roping in Glen Rose, The Tough Enough to Wear Pink roping in San Antonio, The #13 roping at the USTRC in Waco and the #13 roping at the USTRC in Kinder, LA.  All of which, while using Fast Back ropes.

Thank you again for the confidence and support and I wish you all a Blessed and prosperous 2009.

Best regards,

Jim Bob Brent

John R. Magnuson says:

July 1st, 2010

Dear Fast Back,

I am compelled to write you a quick note for a couple of reasons. First – about your product. I recently ordered three Fast Back Mach III heel ropes and having never tried your product before, I was very impressed. Normally with the other brand I use a third of the ropes I have an issue with – either they figure eight or the hondo always has bad memory in the rope, etc. With your product I have yet to have a bad rope! So for the first part of this letter props to you, you have a great product and a new customer for life.

The second part of this email is regarding a gentleman who represents your product, named Gary Cripps. Mr. Cripps put on a novice clinic in Roanoke, IN where there were roughly 30 ropers attending, ranging from first timers, to people who had been roping for a few years. Helping him put this clinic on was his daughter Kelli and his son-in-law, Mackey Tully. They are not only great people but also great teachers. I attended the clinic on the heading side and learned more in one day from them than I have been able to pick up over the last five years.

The best part was Mr. Cripps held a service Sunday morning before the roping. He shared with us, not only what he had taught us the day before, but also the word of God. Talk about a representative that makes an impact and represents the best things in life, God, family, and by association your product. Long story short – thank you for making it possible for people like Gary Cripps to come and teach us how to get a better start in roping. And thank you for choosing people like Gary to be in a position to lead by example. If I had a rope company I would want my ropes in his hands also. Thank you for your time.

John R. Magnuson

P.S. I attended a roping this weekend that some of his novice ropers competed at and there was a definite noticeable difference in their ability.

Don Ruff from Poulsbo, WA says:

July 1st, 2010

Hello Fastback Ropes,

I just wanted to take a quick moment and let you know you have a new coustomer for life.

This winter a good friend of mine let me try out one of his fastback ropes and it felt really good. Run after run it felt the same. Of course anything that feels this good and takes this much punishment run after run, I had to have one.

I got myself an Ultimate 4 HM. The first roping I went to was  Washingtons USTRC Championships. Were I won first and third in the average and both fast times with a 6.5 in the short go. All in the #8 drawpot. Using that Utlimate 4. Oh and I was informed by the office I would be raised a number after this roping. Awesome!!!

In all we hauled home with over $2,000 , 3 Gist buckles and 3 National-Shoot outs. Not to mention all the small winter jackpots I have won using your ropes. Thanks for the building such consistent ropes.

I just got that new Instinct rope in the mail yesterday and will be trying it out today. It really felt nice, smooth and fast. Lots of body and tip, settling fast with no bounce. What more can a guy ask for.

Thanks again for doing what you do, so I can do what I love.

Don Ruff

Poulsbo, WA. 98370

Baily Clark says:

July 1st, 2010

Hi Fast Back Ropes,

My name is Baily Clark and I just wanted to send you a quick email to tell you I think your company is great. I was at a roping the other day and had a little time before my roping started. I was sitting up in the stands watching and heard the two guys talking about a gentlemen who was there roping. His name was Cody Christian. I sat through the whole roping and watched him he inspired me so much!

As I was watching him I noticed he was wearing Fas Back on his shirt. I went to the rope store and bought three Mach 4’s. I love them and told my friends and they bought some too. What a great thing putting your name on a guy who has more heart and determination then most. It just tells me what kind of company Fast Back is.

Thanks for your time!