Kid Ropes

hotshot_rope hotshot_logoThe Hot Shot is a four-strand poly rope that is smooth, durable, has great tip feel, and makes a great dummy rope.

Length: 29′

Diameter: 8mm

bottlerocketKid dummy rope that is long enough to reach, yet small and light enough to allow smaller kids to develop a correct swing.Length: 31′ • Diameter: 1/4″

revolverGreat transition and dummy rope. Ideal to move up from the 1/4″ size, yet smaller in diameter than regular  head ropes.Length 31′ • Diameter: 5/16″

vaporUltimate play rope for all ages. Small in diameter, soft and short enough for small ropers. Great for roping small dummies and goats.

Length 18′ • Diameter: 1/4″

Assorted Kid Ropes