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vortex_rope_logoThe Vortex is a small, light, nylon rope that is natural in color. With great body and feel, this rope is forgiving and consistent. The head rope is 33? in length while the heel rope is 35.’

“The benefits of three-strand ropes are mostly overlooked,” says Al Benson, General Manager of Production. “Most of our pro’s use and win with three-strands. We felt it was time to provide new options in this category.”

Three-strand ropes allow you to feel and control your rope through your swing and delivery. Another advantage of using a three-strand rope is when slack is pulled, the loop tends to snap shut and stay tight. The higher crowns stop the rope fully when dallying, shaving seconds off the run.

Benson has worked closely with NFR Qualifier, Dakota Kirchenschlager, during development of the Vortex. As one of the top heelers in the country, Kirchenschlager has provided invaluable feedback that has helped fine tune the Vortex, especially the heel rope.

“The Vortex is light and easy to swing,” explains Dakota. “I use a softer heel rope like a Medium or Medium Soft because it’s much easier to control and place. This rope feels great and the body keeps my loop open when I place it on the ground.”

Fast Back opted to avoid using colored string in the Vortex to help eliminate excessive fuzzing, adding to the durability. In an industry where ropers are always looking for the “next best thing,” Al Benson chose to go back to the basics and focus on quality.